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Stop Wasting Time

Updated: Jan 30

Stop Wasting Time

Written By: Braiden Belnap


Summary: Stop Wasting Time…For a period of my life, I acted as if time was limitless…now I see that God has gifted us with birth, life, and death, and yes they are all gifts although death sometimes comes quicker than you and I expect… In this blog week's blog I wanted to highlight the importance of not wasting time. Too often people feel like they have limitless time. The truth of the matter is however… We don’t know when we are going to run out of time. The topics I wanted to talk about are, Awareness, Identity, vision and action.

First is awareness. You can’t transform your life if you aren’t aware that you need to change it. Too often people live life full of regrets and push their wants in life to “tomorrow's” Eventually they run out of “tomorrows” that is why it is important to realize that there your days are numbered so live life that is authentic to you. The first step to living a life authentically to you. What does it mean to live a life authentically? It means to live a life created through your beliefs and your values. Oftentimes when people are raised there are certain expectations that parents, family members or even friends have for people. In order to fit in, people live by other people's expectations. When you live a life authentically to you, you shed what other people have chosen for your life. The question is how do you want to start living your life? After you are aware the next step is to evaluate. Evaluate the state of your life. What are the things that are serving you right now and what are the things that aren’t? Evaluate the things that aren’t and figure out what you need to do to cut those things out of your life or lessen them so they don’t affect your life as much. When you follow those 4 steps effectively you will stop wasting time and start living life.

Doing those steps stops you from spending time doing things that don't serve you. Life is wonderful and we all have goals we want to achieve so why stall? Why wait? I think today is your day so go out there and stop wasting time!

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