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Habits That Will Change Your Life w/ Kody Duncan

Updated: Jun 28

Motivation Vs. Will Power


Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 12/21/22

Summary: Motivation and willpower are two different things. They have a lot of similarities however motivation comes and goes but will power stays. So how do you set yourself up for success and have will power not just motivation. There are three tools that I want to share with you to help set you up for success.

The first tool is to set your intentions. In order to know what to

do you have to determine what you want to change, So ask yourself questions to figure out what you want to change.

Once you have figured out what you want to change, write down a plan of action on how you are going to change that.

After you have your plan of action put that into action. Decide what daily steps you are going to take to achieve that. This is where the difference between willpower and motivation kicks in. Will power is about habit setting and not just goals. Will power is the longevity of achieving your goals. So by setting habits you will have more will power.

Once you start achieving your goals through will power you will be able to live a better and more prosperous life. I have used the tool of will power in my life and it has helped me succeed in a lot of different areas in my life. If you want a more in depth explanation of will power linked is my Podcast I did with Kody Duncan and he explains will power in detail.

I hope you have learned something in this blog. If you want help or have questions about how to implement the tools I wrote about today, reach out. I would love to give you more advice. My social media is linked below. You can shoot me a dm with your question and I am happy to answer it for you. I hope you were able to learn something from this blog that you can apply to your life.

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