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Onward and Upward

Updated: Jan 29

Onward and Upward

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 1/4/23

Summary: In life there are troubling times for everyone. A huge lesson I have learned in my life is that it is how you get through those troubling times that matters. I interviewed Skylar Bytendorp in my podcast this week and we talked about his divorce, addiction, and abuse that he went through and it really has made me think about how everyone goes through different challenges. I want to share some of the tools I use in my life that have helped me and also share some of the ones Skylar uses that he shared with me in that episode.

Through the struggles that I have endured in life I have come to the realization that gratitude is Everything. I have gone through things and showed no gratitude then I have gone through things where I tried my best to try to be grateful for something. I learned through the challenges that being grateful for what I did have during that time of my life made it a lot easier for me to go through. For example my wife a couple months after we got married had some pretty scary health problems come up. We were 19, didn’t have money, were living with my mom. When I saw my wife go through what she was going through it was really hard for me. I didn’t know how to help her and she didn’t know how to communicate effectively with me on how she needed support. So during that time I tried to find the little things to be grateful for. Overtime with doing that I found that it was a lot easier to support her and also support myself. I felt happier and didn’t feel like the world was as against me. It was a polar opposite mindset. Going through that made me realize how important gratitude is in hard times. Having gratitude also allows you to be able to grow more and have a more open mind during stressful times. When Skylar went through the hard times in his life he chose to have a positive mindset and learn about how he could grow and become better.

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