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Braiden's Story


From a baby to about 6th grade I thought the world was perfect. I was one of the happiest kids in the world with a gift of walking in a room and seeing who was truly happy or who was truly sad. I felt blessed I had 4 grandparents, 2 loving parents that were together, 2 siblings that were my best friends. We lived in a nice home, had 2 nice cars, traveled, had food and played sports. We truly lived an amazing life from my perspective.

Then one day everything changed...

"Come downstairs your dad and I want to talk with you kids"


As we all sat down on the couch our parents were crying and my Mom said, "Your father and I are getting a divorce" 

After hearing those words I created this story in my mind that love is not real for myself or others, you never know what

is real or what's fake and the only person I can rely on is myself. I decided that I'm going to become an over achiever and only focus on my wants and needs and show the world I am deserving of a perfect life.

*All of this was subconscious

Then my journey of lessons, trails & errors began. This time in my life was a nightmare. However those lessons now are BLESSINGS!

Fast forward to 7th grade...

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Towards the middle of 8th grade I began to see where I was headed...I believed I was capable of becoming more and achieving more as I saw friends run from cops, pass away or wind up in jail.


Fast forward to middle of 9th grade something significant happened changing the trajectory of my life..

Down stairs high and drunk partying with all my friends,

 I heard a voice that said "Go to the bathroom..." which I didn't have to go to the bathroom although I listened.

When  I entered the bathroom a wave of lightness came over me. In the snap of fingers I was no longer high nor drunk.  An angel visited  me and said...

At the age of 13 I walked into middle school feeling lost and hopeless..."What is life?" ran through my mind.


I began partying, smoking weed & drinking masking everything I didn't want to face.

I started smoking cigarettes by 14. One of my biggest regrets was stealing money from my brother so I could get drugs for me and my friends as I so despretly wanted to be loved and accepted.

I allowed others to shape my Identity, my beliefs, my values, my rules, my vision, my present, and my future. I was not in control of my thoughts, emotions and I had attached pain to life as I had little to NO gratitude. I chose these behaviors they didn't choose me, I chose to make an influence on myself & others in a way that wasn't empowering.

The path I was going down was not aligned with what God believed I was capable of.


"Either you will die before you graduate

or you will change & Make An Impact"



I then walked slowly to the mirror and looked myself in the eyes...

In this moment I saw my true self for the first time again and I felt something special...I felt what God believed in me, I felt what I was capable of becoming so that I could go achieve more, I felt that I was here to make an Impact and live a transformative life.

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The journey of living a transformative life & making an impact began...

I will tell you the day I walked out of the bathroom nothing changed externally in life for me...I continued to do the drugs and act in accordance to those around me.
Although my emotions got worse as I KNEW I was capable of more but wasn't doing anything about it. I had nights crying in the shower or crying myself to bed feeling lost, even days questing life.
Until one day I made a CHOICE. It took 1 day of choice to have the knowing ITS MY CHANCE TO CHANGE NOW where everything transformed in that moment! (Hint it didn't have to take so long you can choose whenever to transform)
That day was the last day of 9th grade, walking into school having the thought "THIS IS MY LAST DAY TO CHANGE" that day I went home got rid of all my friends numbers & hopped off all social media.

I decided to begin to pick up books, watch videos, go to seminars to find who I am...the authentic me and what I want for myself in vision for life!

action 2 _edited.jpg
Going along my transformation journey I still felt unworthy of love for myself & others, I felt unworthy of the authentic me, I felt unworthy of my vision I created for life, I felt unworthy of the life I was living as on the outside I was living a prosperous life & making an impact. Although on the inside my past was holding me back as I still was living in my past...

I began to throw myself into work as I began sales at 16 and crawled my way to be one of the top salesmen. I then started my own business a year later. By the age of 17, I created 70K in my second marketing business. I would do anything and everything to show the world I was worthy of living the perfect life, yet it felt no matter what I did I simply felt I was not enough for a perfect perfect life.

 Then I had an inner breakthrough…

Driving, no music, just me talking to me..."You arent going to make it in life, you aren't an entrepreneur, you aren't worthy, you aren't enough, you won't achieve XYZ, You won't make an impact."


In an instant chills ran down my body and a deep feeling of peace. I chose to transform at that moment.

"I am worthy of love, I am worthy of my vision & my goals, I am worthy of my authentic self, I am worthy of living a transformative life, I am worthy of making a HUGE IMPACT!

I started crying and I couldn't stop. I felt a MILLION pounds come off my shoulders and I felt like a whole new person.

My Identity shifted...My thoughts, values, beliefs, rules for life, my story, my perception, I shifted to live in my purpose...

The consistency of me showing up all paid off for this one moment and it will impact my life and others for the rest of my life and after my life ends.

Transforming your world  blog cover.png

 The Inner breakthrough led to an outer breakthrough…

After this moment my relationships with my family and friends became stronger!

I paid my brother back in full and apologized and now our relationship is beyond amazing, I am also grateful to say my relationship with my sister is beyond amazing as well!

My relationship with my then-girlfriend now-wife got stronger as I felt worthy of love.

It was my dream to be a coach so I began taking steps in that direction.

I am now fortunate to work with people to help them become their authentic selves & create their vision for life so they can live a transformative life as well!

I work with people 1 on 1, I host a podcast, & I speak spreading this message.

Today and forever in the future I won't forget that God believed in me and I know he believes in you as well just as I do too!

Do you want to transform just like Braiden?

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