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Tools for Life

Updated: Jan 29

Tools For life

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 12/14/22

Summary: There are a lot of tools I have learned while studying life coaching that I have applied in my life that have helped me. They are tools that I have had to learn the hard way wil hours of studying so I want to share with you today a few tools that I use in my daily life that help me.

The first tool is keeping my body healthy. This means that I eat well, get sleep, and stay physically active. Staying healthy and living a wholesome lifestyle will help create the foundation for you to live a more fulfilling life. When you feel good the chances are that you will be more motivated to achieve more. Your mind will be clearer and you will have more energy. My transformation to being healthy didn’t happen in a day. It happened over time. So I encourage you to pick one way you can eat healthier, get better sleep, and start moving your body. These don’t have to be big changes, they can be small then as you start having better habits you can add more.

The next is setting goals. Setting goals will allow you to find greater purpose in life. Like with living a healthier lifestyle these goals do not have to be giant. These goals can be as simple as taking 10 minutes a day to yourself to meditate, paint or enjoy any of your hobbies. Or the goals you set can be bigger like getting a promotion at work. The goals you set are up to you but I promise by setting goals you will have more motivation and a better life.

The last tool that I use is a schedule. I set a schedule for myself and have a daily routine in the morning and at night. These routines help me wake up and fall asleep at night. I challenge you to figure out a routine when you wake up and go to sleep that you feel will help you achieve more during the day and get better sleep at night.

I hope you have learned something in this blog. If you want help or have questions about how to implement the tools I wrote about today, reach out. I would love to give you more advice. My social media is linked below. You can shoot me a dm with your question and I am happy to answer it for you. I hope you were able to learn something from this blog that you can apply to your life.

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