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Why Becoming Authentically You Is Crucial

Updated: Jan 30

Summary: Today I wanted to spotlight Identity. I know that sometimes in life we question what we want to do, where we want to be, if we’re on the right path and who we truly are. In this blog I highlight different techniques on how you can become your authentic self and why it is important to live your true identity.

First I want to touch on the “Canvas of life”. The canvas of life means to evaluate yourself. Take a step back, close your eyes, and dig deep. “Who are you to your core?” Take a minute to answer this question. Society has a general way of thinking about what “success” means. Success doesn’t just mean money, fancy cars, or a nice house. In your “success” story you could be completely happy not living a crazy luxurious life. To you that is perfect and to others they could consider that you are just living a mediocre life. However I believe that whatever the perfect life you envisioned when you did the exercise from earlier in this blog is the best one for you. Don’t let others change what you want in life or try to dictate what they think is best for you. You know what you need and what you want in life so advocate for yourself! A perfect example of people trying to create my “Canvas of life” was the expectation from others of wanting me to go to college. Throughout high school as I approached senior year I realized that I didn’t want to go to college after graduation. Without going to college however I had to come up with a game plan of what I wanted to do and what was authentic to me. I always knew I wanted to be a life coach and an entrepreneur. So with knowing those goals I set a plan on how I was going to achieve those. After studying life coaching, taking courses, reading books, going to seminars, and doing my own inner work I felt ready last year to take that leap into coaching. It has been very rewarding because I can see the growth in the people I talk to everyday. It would have been so easy for me to listen to others telling me to go to school and try to live up to their expectations of me going to college because it wouldn’t have caused the disagreements or uncomfortable conversations of me having to stand up for myself and what I wanted to do in life. The reward however of living a life that is fulfilling and authentic to me is much easier than giving into the peer pressure of others trying to tell me what's best for my life. I challenge you to write down your wants and desires for life, your values, and your strengths and weaknesses. While doing this activity, take out any negative thoughts, feelings, doubts and other people's opinion of their wants. Write down what is 100% authentic to you. Who cares what others think, not the ones living your life. You are so why not take the wheel and start to drive it?

Have you ever thought about life as a book? We have all read books that are great and some that aren’t the best. You are your own character in life and you are the creator of your own story. When you are on your deathbed looking back at your life story are you going to be proud and enjoy the “book” you created or are you going to read it and wish you would have created more in your life? If you want to create the “book” that you would be proud of, the first step is understanding who you are and what you truly want in life. You have a unique purpose and unique abilities that no one else has so go out and bless others with those.

Take a minute to write down and answer these questions. With the answers you get you will find a deeper understanding of yourself and be able to take the next step of living a happier and more fulfilled life. “Am I living my life for me or for others?” “Are other people’s opinions making me doubt my worth and goals?” “Am I letting other people’s doubts and judgements towards me affect me in my career, personal life, emotional state, and my mental health?” “ Why do I care what other people think?” “Does caring what people think help me or bring me down?”

Now don’t get me wrong I think that sometimes it is good to ask others for advice and others can really help bring clarity to our minds if it is in a positive way. For example this blog is a positive place to find advice on how to better yourself. It is toxic to need acceptance from others. In society we have been trained to care what others think through social media, in the workplace, in family, with friends. The feeling of “having to fit in” and trying to please others can be exhausting. When we hold ourselves to other peoples standards we end up wasting soooo much energy. Reese Witherspoon gave the perfect advice and said in a tik tok “The sooner you realize that other people's opinions of you are none of your business the sooner you will become free.” (the link to watch the video )

I am excited for you to go through the exercises in today's blog and hopefully it brought some clarity to your mind and you were able to learn more about yourself. I would love to connect with you on social media. I post about personal development and how to create a more prosperous life! I am only 1 dm away!

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