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Stay Curious

Updated: Jan 30

Stay Curious

Curiosity is the life force within you and life

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 6/8/22

Summary: I want you for a second to think about the curiosity of a child. If you have been around kids, especially little kids you know that they ask questions about everything. They see the world through excitement and joy. As we get older however, that light seems to dim a little. We forget to be curious and try new things. We sometimes look at opportunities as something intimidating and scary vs being exciting and fun. What if we could all go back to that child like curiosity? What would our world look like today? When you ask yourself questions and begin to be curious about life you discover things about yourself you didn’t even know were there. The moment I began to be curious and ask questions is the moment my life transformed forever. I began asking myself what is God, what am I capable of doing, and who do I provide value to people? And so much more and I began exploring the small things in life to the big things in life and my life slowly began to transform. In this blog I touch on the topics of how to be more curious in life to transform it into something greater. If you want to learn more about that topic then keep reading.

The first thing I want to touch on is the concept of “growing up”

I know when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to “grow up” I wanted to

be independent and be an adult so I could make my own decisions.

Growing up isn’t a bad thing, it's a good thing. The negative part of

growing up however is that as adults it’s easy to get stuck in the pattern

“who we are” We get trapped in the subconscious beliefs that we can’t change. For example, let's say our friend Molly keeps getting in arguments with co-workers. She is bossy and doesn’t listen to others. She feels like she is better than everyone and if she can do it others need to be able to do it exactly the same way. Molly in her personal life has a hard time keeping friendships and romantic relationships. She has her family and when she talks to them they try to tell her that maybe she needs to look at things from a different perspective. She gets angry at them because she feels that she doesn’t need to change, that she can’t, that’s just who she is as a person and people need to accept her for her. She thinks it’s other people’s problem that they don’t like her and they are being judgmental and rude. If Molly took a step back and listened to her family’s advice of being curious and looking at things from a different perspective she would be able to have better work relationships, romantic relationships, and friendships. When we step outside of what “we have always known” then we can change our perspectives. Okay back to Molly. Molly is now in a relationship, she has been dating this guy for a couple months. They get in an argument because Molly hurt her boyfriend's feelings and he tried to tell her that what she did he didn’t like. Molly gets defensive and tells him he needs to have thicker skin and get over it. He doesn’t appreciate that so he breaks up with her because he knows he deserves to be treated better. Molly is devastated; she talks to her family and is playing victim; her sister tells her to try to put herself in his shoes. If he said to her what she said to him how would that have made her feel. A lightbulb clicks in that moment and Molly tells her sister that if he said that to her she would have been really hurt by it. Her sister tells her that maybe an apology is due to him and if she really wants to be with him she could ask to try to work things out. Molly is really hesitant and gets a little defensive with her sister, but deep down she knows her sister is right. They get off the phone and Molly starts asking herself questions. “She asks herself why do I have a hard time having relationships? Why do my Coworkers not like me? What can I change to live a happier life? What can I do to strengthen my relationship with myself and others?” With these questions she was able to identify the areas in her life that she could change her negative habits and start to act in a more positive way. If you are feeling like Molly in any areas of your life I challenge you to be curious and ask yourself questions to help change the things in your life you aren’t fulfilled with.

Another part of being curious is to try new things. As kids everything was new. As adults it is easy to let life get in the way and to not try new things. We all have hobbies, we all have things that bring us joy. It is important to make sure to keep doing those as adults. If you feel like you don’t know what your hobbies are or don’t know what you like to do, start off with writing a list of things that you think are fun. If that’s something that feels intimidating you can google things fun activity ideas then look at the list and write down the things that sound fun.

We aren’t just alive to work and learn, we are alive to enjoy life and have fun. Fun is a part of life. I think that it is important to have fun everyday. That fun could be as simple as taking a 5 minute walk because you love being outside. We are all different and fun has a different meaning to each of us so my challenge is to find out the things that are fun to you.

I hope you liked today’s blog and learned something from it. I post a new blog every week. If you would like to hear this topic more in depth I have a podcast that I do a deep dive on linked below. I also post positive/ encouraging messages daily on my social media. I would love to connect. Shoot me a dm and tell me what you learned from reading this!

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