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Small Things Matter

Updated: Jan 30

Small Things Matter

There are more small moments than there are big moments.

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 4/27/22

Summary: There are a lot of sayings about the “small things” like “don’t sweat the small stuff” The “small things add up” there are many other examples but those are just a few. The small things in life are what have a ton of value. Small things day to day can change your life.

How do you spot the small things in your life? How do you do the small things in life? Why are the small things so important? The small things in life add up. When you make a positive habit of making your bed every morning it makes a small positive impact on your day. When you’re feeling frustrated and make the decision to take a deep breath, name a few things that are going right in your life then focusing back on the present that one small thing can change your perspective for the rest of the day.

Small things are also small daily habits that you do. I challenge you to pick 5 positive daily habits to add into your daily routine. I also want you to journal how you feel daily when you achieve those 5 things. A few examples of small things that you can change in your daily routine are: making your bed, reading something positive, daily positive affirmations, taking time to do some relaxing breathwork.

Showing up for the small things in life matters on top of daily habits. Showing up to the small things for yourself and others will help your confidence and also impact your relationships in a positive way.

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