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Overcoming life's obstacles

Updated: Jan 30

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 11/2/22

Summary: On my podcast I had my beautiful wife Maeghan on this week. She shared her story about her childhood, her parents divorce, and how she discovered she wanted to become a hairstylist.

Maeghan and I met when we were juniors in high school. We are highschool sweethearts who decided to get married and we have had a fulfilling and loving relationship. We both have struggled in different ways because we both grew up with divorced parents around the same age. We both took it so differently. Maeghan has always thought of her parents divorce as a good thing because her parents didn’t get along and they are better as friends. Her family assumed it was going to happen and just didn’t know when. When she heard the news it was a relief because there was a lot of contention in her house. She has been able to have a much better relationship with her parents after they got a divorce and her parents have alway been able to have a better relationship as well.

It is a phenomenon to me that we both had divorced parents who got divorced the same year and we had 2 very different experiences. I had a much harder time with my parents divorce because I thought my family was perfect and my parents didn’t have any problems. However they hid it behind closed doors for me and my siblings.

I have always disliked the corporate world because I saw my dad get let go of his job and have to scramble to make money so when I saw that It created a negative subconscious belief in my head that corporate jobs cannot be trusted. Which is far from the truth but seeing that happen to my dad created that belief. Maeghan on the other hand had the complete opposite experience where her parents were both business owners who had good and bad times in business. So she thought that a corporate job is more secure. We have had to find a compromise for both of our beliefs. I want to own my own business where she likes working for someone and not have to carry the responsibilities of being a business owner directly.

This brings me to talking about the reason she went into hair. A lot of women struggle to take care of themselves so Maeghan wanted to encourage women and create a safe environment for them to come and feel beautiful about themselves. She also feels like it is another art form and loves setting the transformations that come with doing different cuts, styles and colors on people’s hair.

Maeghan and I have both looked into what careers we want to go into and our hobbies and I encourage you to do the same. It is important that we find our god given talents and use them to our advantage in our lives.

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