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Journey Of Impact

Updated: Jun 28


How to make an impact so you can live a prosperous life

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 4/6/22

Summary: Today’s Topic is Impact. Impact in the sense that I want to touch on today is how you can live a prosperous life through making an impact. I will give examples of how you can have an impact on others in this blog. I also encourage you to dig deeper and ask yourself the questions I mention later in this blog.

The first step to impact is being able to put yourself first. Putting yourself first and setting healthy boundaries with yourself and others will give you the ability to have a bigger impact on those around you. What are healthy boundaries? Healthy boundaries are being aware of your needs and being able to show up for yourself better in life because of them. I want you to take a few minutes to write down some boundaries you want to set for yourself. An example is : Let's say Mindy knows she has to be to work early in the morning and she’s starting to get burnt out because she keeps saying yes to going out with friends and staying out late. A healthy boundary in that situation for her would be to either say no to going as much and only going out late when she doesn't have work. She could also say yes to going still but have a curfew so she can still get good sleep. Having that boundary of not staying out that late will help Mindy be more productive and not so tired or burnt out in the day.

The next step to having an impact is to Start with the small things. What does it mean to start with the small things? Starting with the small things means that boundaries are starting to be put in place and you’re starting to stick to them. Each time you’re putting yourself first and doing those small things your life is changing for the better. Small things also are you doing small things in your day-to-day life that bring you joy. Find your hobbies and what brings you that. By doing that naturally you will be able to have an impact on those around you. Small things include serving others and being involved if you can in your community. If you have goals of wanting to impact others, write down what those goals are. Also write down the steps to achieve those. An example of small things: Say hi to our friend mindy again. Mindy wants to create care packages for families that are stuck in the hospital because of cancer to make an impact. The first step to reach this goal for her is to write everything down. She decides to write down when she wants to achieve this goal, how she is going to get it done, and any obstacles that could get in the way. After writing everything down she then creates a timeline of when and how she’s going to achieve those goals. She takes the first step and then before she knows it those care packages are in the hospital bringing families some joy during their hard time. Mindy feels like she made an impact and in turn the people she helped might be motivated to also make a difference for people. The example of Mindy is a big one. Your impact doesn’t have to be that elaborate. The smallest things like making the decision to smile to 3 people today, wave to a stranger, call a family member, or help someone you know is struggling. Those are a lot smaller things that you could do day to day that really could help someone else. I want you to write down some things that you want to do to make an impact for yourself and for others. These could be big or small; they don’t have to be big. I promise as you decide to make an impact in your own life showing up for yourself you will in turn impact those around you for the better.

I hope you liked today’s blog and learned something from it. I post a new blog every week. I also post positive/ encouraging messages daily on my social media. I would love to connect. I linked everything below. Shoot me a dm and tell me what you learned from reading this!

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