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Updated: Jan 30

Summary: I had the opportunity to interview Jennifer Harris on my podcast. I want to highlight a few things that we talked about there. I feel like this is an important message to share and be vulnerable about myself. The truth is we all go through hard things in life. Whether that is trials of events happening to us, physical ailments, mental health struggles, family problems or a bad day. The list could go on. WE have the power inside us to go through those obstacles with our head high. I am naturally a person who looks at events in life with a glass half full. This wasn’t how it always was though. So let’s talk about my story and how I got there, The tools that actually work, and how you can implement them into your life.

I lived a very good life and had an amazing childhood. However when I was 12 my parents got a divorce. Their divorce completely wrecked my life as a 12 year old. So much so that I lost my sense of self and my purpose in the world. I felt lonely and all I wanted was to fit in. I believe we all can relate at some level of wanting to fit in. So how did I fit in? I hung out with the people that would accept me. The people I chose to associate with didn’t have the same core values that I knew deep down were true to me, but being 12 and struggling I gave into the peer pressure. At a young age I was stealing, doing drugs, selling drugs, partying a lot. During the few years that I was living this lifestyle I learned that I had a greater purpose. I knew deep down that that lifestyle wasn’t for me. I had an experience that changed my life with an angel coming to me and saying that I would die before I turned 18 if I continued down the path I was going on. This sparked something in me again that helped me get out of the situation that I was in. I completely cut off all my friends and going into high school I decided to live a life authentic to me. So how does my story go back to going through hard things in life? My parents divorce really was hard for me at that age and losing my identity stemmed from that hard time in my life. I had to put in the work to find myself again. We all go through hard times and deal with going through them differently. So here are a few tools that I have learned that will help you through hard times.

The tools that actually work are having gratitude, seeing the positive and learning about what you gained from your hardship. The truth is when bad things happen they can knock us on our butt so these tools will help make that fall and getting up easier. Having gratitude for where you are in life is one of the most important things to do. When you have gratitude and see the things in your life that are hard as a blessing it shifts your mindset into a place of learning instead of hate. Seeing the positive. If you can look at a bad situation and see the good it won’t feel as hard. Then taking what happened and learning from it. The last tool could be the most impactful one because when you go through something hard and can learn from it, You have the ability to help others. When you help others you are not only having an impact on yourself but you are literally changing the world. You have that power to help others with your experiences. So learn from them and be vulnerable with the people in your life and strangers. You will change at least one person's life from doing that.

If you seriously take these tools into your life and do them 100% you will notice change in your life. I have used these tools and created a system that has results in people’s lives. I can bring more value to your life if you join my membership.

I hope you have learned something in this blog. If you want help or have questions about how to implement the tools I wrote about today, reach out. I would love to give you more advice. My social media is linked below. You can shoot me a dm with your question and I am happy to answer it for you. I hope you were able to learn something from this blog that you can apply to your life.

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