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Escaping Polygamy: A Journey of Healing, Art, and Empowerment w/Katie Owen & Braiden Belnap

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 6/19/24

Summary: In this powerful episode of the Journey to Authenticity podcast, I sat down with the incredible Katie Owens, who shares her transformative journey of finding her truth and reclaiming her life. From escaping the confines of polygamy and navigating the painful waters of divorce to overcoming the mental health struggles that brought her to the brink of suicide, Katie’s story is one of resilience, courage, and ultimate triumph.

Katie Owens’ story begins in a polygamous community. Born into a life that she later questioned and struggled with expectations set by the order. Katie throughout everything had an amazing support system inside and outside of polygamy. Her family is awesome and unlike some families in the order they have supported her through her journey of finding her truth. 

When she was a teen her mental health started going downhill. She started to self harm. During that time too she had friends coming to her about their self harm, Struggles and them wanting to leave the order. So she decided to keep all her emotions balled up and that caused her more harm to her mental health. By the time she was 16 she started thinking about suicide and not wanting to be alive anymore.  In the episode she goes more into detail on her emotions and how she got so deep in that pit.  Another hardship she endured while being apart of the order is marriage. Marriage is a huge part of the order so from the time she was 16 she had guys “coming forward” Which basically means they had the direction to tell her dad they wanted to marry her. When she was 17 her dad told her all the guys that came forward. The next step in that process is her meeting with each of them and praying to get direction on who she was supposed to marry.  She chose one of the guys and they got engaged while she was 17 and married when she turned 18.  In the episode I asked if she was excited for her wedding and she was super excited for her wedding.  The guy she married was a little older than her and already had another wife, However he and his first wife were very ( and still are) amazing to her and want what is best for her.  

In the episode we touched on what Katie went through leaving the order.  Leaving the order is something she battled for years.  In the order when someone decides to leave they are supposed to be disowned. Leaving the order means leaving all your friends and family. Katie comes from an amazing family so luckily her parents were people she could confide in and talk to about her struggles.  

After Katie got married her and her husband tried for kids and it was they struggles for a little bit. She had a miscarriage and was praying and asking why she couldn’t become a mother. Why it was so hard for her to get pregnant.  Eventually she did and her pregnancy brought on some more struggles for her. She was super sick throughout her whole pregnancy.  However she wouldn’t change a thing if it meant her having her daughter. People have asked her if it was worth it and she tells them that her daughter is one of her biggest blessings in life and she wouldn’t change a thing.  

During this time she was still struggling with being in the order so she ultimately made the decision to leave. She battled with that for years and finally took the leap even though it wasn’t easy.  

Her mental health really declined she was battling with postpartum and dealing with her choice of leaving the order.  She ended up going back to the order but than left again for good. 

After she left she was trying to find her path in life when she started to pick up dance and art.  Dance she was using to get out of the house but she later realized that she was passionate about it.  Katie's journey with art and dance didn't just help her heal; it also inspired her to help others. She realized that creative expression could be a powerful tool for emotional growth and empowerment.

Determined to share this discovery, Katie began teaching art and dance classes, focusing on using these mediums as therapeutic tools. She developed workshops and programs designed to help others explore their emotions and heal through creative expression

Today, Katie Owens is dedicated to inspiring and supporting others through her story and creative passions. She has become a beacon of hope for many, using her experiences to show that it is possible to overcome even the most daunting challenges. 

Katie Owens' journey from the confines of a polygamous community to a life of freedom and empowerment is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Through resilience, courage, and a commitment to healing, she has transformed her life and now dedicates herself to helping others do the same. Her story is a powerful reminder that no matter the obstacles we face, we have the capacity to overcome them and embrace our true selves.

Don't miss this episode filled with heartfelt honesty, inspiration, and practical wisdom for anyone looking to overcome adversity and embrace their true selves. Katie’s message of hope, healing, and empowerment is a beacon for anyone facing their own battles. Join us on the Inspiring Stories Podcast to hear Katie Owens' incredible journey and discover how you too can find strength, healing, and freedom through the power of creative expression.

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