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Transform Your Life

Braiden Belnap is a Transformational Lifecoach, Podcaster & Public Speaker. Braiden helps people become their authentic selves & create their vision for life so they can live a prosperous life while making an impact! 


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What is the Prosperous Life Podcast about?




The Prosperous Life Podcast Is a personal development podcast that touches on different topics that help you improve your life.  This podcast features guests that share their life experiences and give insights on habits that help them live a prosperous life.

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Events & Workshops
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Join us for Braiden's "Create Your Life Canvas Workshop". Throughout our lives we are told by others who we should be and what we should do. People also in our lives put us down or say negative things which are hurtful and we often hold on to those words. Those opinions and hurtful words often times don't align with what we want, and have the potential of holding us back in life. We all have had a l negative little voice in the back of our heads saying "You're not good enough!" or " Are you sure you're worthy of this?" Braiden has struggled with falling into those negative thoughts in the past. Once he worked through them he created this workshop to help others start living the life they want to live, and stop listening to that voice holding them back. 

 Coaching Programs

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Imagine for just a moment...

  • Being a part of a community that all want to be their authentic selves as they support you for all of you.

  • Being a part of a community that is creating their vision for life and is actively taking action to achieve that vision as they support you towards your vision.

  • Being a part of a community actively living a prosperous life as they support you in living your prosperous life.

  • Being a part of a community that is striving to make an impact each day as they help you make the impact you are destined to make.

Imagine what your life would look like...If you like that image, click learn more so when we come out we can transfrom together!

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How does it sound to transform and live life authentically with vision? How does it sound to live a prosperous life while making an impact?

Immerse yourself on a 1 on 1 level to do just that...Become your authentic self, create your vision, live a prosperous life, and make an impact!

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Its Time To Inspire.

Book Braiden For...

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“Braiden is a transformational coach. He has an uncanny ability to help you see the bigger picture, and uncover what it is that really matters to you. Braiden is a phenomenal listener and has a unique ability to bring clarity to the process of thinking outside the box, but still feel grounded in reality. He gifts me with action steps that I can use immediately to implement change."

“Braiden is a great coach. I love his way of deep listening. His questions are so powerful and really open new perspectives. WIthin one session I found 3 insights I did not see before. I can recommend Braiden from the bottom of my heart. A big thank you"

“I have been doing coaching with Braiden for a few months now and I have seen my life change in ways I didn’t think was possible.  He is very thorough in asking questions and understanding my feelings and creates a space to work through those. He helped me create an action plan and goals that he holds me accountable to so I can achieve the things I’ve wanted to achieve"

Krystal Koennecke

Daniela Rupf


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