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Braiden Belnap is a Transformational Life coach, Podcaster, Author & Public Speaker. Braiden helps people live a transformative life so they can become their authentic selves & create their vision for life!

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Journey To Authenticity Podcast

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What is the Journey To Authenticity Podcast about?

 The Journey To Authenticity podcast helps people to become fully authentic on their journey to success. It is MY mission to help people achieve their highest level of authenticity possible all while they build their dream life. Most young entrepreneurs are caught living in a perception of how they're seen by others. That’s why I am here to sit down and speak to successful individuals who have achieved amazing successes while remaining authentic to themselves.


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Upcoming Guests!

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Braydon Carter

  • Instagram

Date: 5/8/24

Topic: Finding Purpose

Master In: Public Speaking 


Located: Idaho

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Taylor Church

  • Instagram

Date: 5/15/24

Topic: Unlocking Your Creativity

Master In: Podcasting & Writing

Located: Salt Lake City, Utah 

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Alic Giles

  • Instagram

Date: 5/22/24

Topic: Overcoming Your Storms

Master In: Conquering stuggles

Located: Salt Lake City, Utah


Ann Washburn

  • Instagram

Date: 4/24/24

Topic: Body Language

Master In: Body Language, Public Speaking, Coaching


Located: Salt Lake City, Utah


Journey To Prosper

Do you have issues that you don't know how to transform? Do you feel you are living other people's lives and not your own? Do you feel you are being called towards something greater? Do you feel you struggle with mindset and want better for yourself? Do you feel you have a purpose just not sure what? Do you want to do something great just scared to take action? Do you want to make an impact just not sure how? Do you want to live a transformative life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to read...Journey To Prosper!


The methodology in Journey To Prosper has opened up my mind more than anything I have done in my life. It has shown me that I control my self, time, my relationships, my body, business, and altogether my life. I'm no longer just along for the ride I am the driver in my life.

And that is why I wrote the book so it can change your life too!

Life Coaching

Master Every Area Of Your Life

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What if you could start to be more, do more, and have more by closing the gap between where you are and where you MUST be?

That is exactly what I Braiden Belnap help you accomplish as a transformational coach. And it is my PROMISE that I will help you stay on track, stay committed and follow through so that you can create the life you know you are capable of living in yourself, business, relationships and more!

Are you ready to become a better you and create a life that you desire? I am here to help by leading you to...

1. Become aware of where you are, where you MUST go and CRUSH IT with habits so that you can show up moment to moment!

2. Know who you are and who you are capable of becoming so that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

3. Know what you want in your spirit, mind, body and achieve it.

4. Create a vision that is clear so that you know exactly what your next goals are to achieve so that you can get there.

5. Hold purpose in your life so that you show up whether you feel like it or not.

6. Take massive action.

7. Make a massive impact.

Follow through on these 7 steps in your life and you will become the best version of self, turn your dream life into a reality, live in this life with beautiful relationships and thrive in business!


Are you ready?

Parker Kane

Braiden Belnap isn’t just a coach; he's a catalyst for transformative change and a true mentor. What sets him apart in a sea of coaches is that he’s not in it for the fame or the money—he genuinely cares. His role in helping me embrace authenticity, build confidence, and find more meaning in the everyday grind is seriously next level. If you can't do sessions right now, dive into his podcast, Journey to Authenticity. I'm all in on endorsing Braiden Belnap as a top-notch coach, mentor, podcaster, and professional speaker for your events—his message of authenticity leaves a lasting impression.
Public Speaking

Give your audience more than inspiration…

Braiden has a very personal and profound message to share with the world:
7 Simple Sets To Live A Transformative Life.

And he can prove it.

Busness Coaching

Business Coaching

Invest In Your Business. Magnify Your Results. Increase Revenue. Decrease Doubt. Grow Your Business.

Increased Revenue

Who Doesn't Want More money For Themselves, Their Partners & Their Employees?


Become A More Effective Leader...Everything Starts With YOU!

Efficiency In...

Operations, Marketing, Sales, Product Development & More!

Yekeson Subah

Braiden Belnap has been such an amazing life coach, he’s helped me grow in ways that I never saw happening anytime soon. He’s been there to support me every step of the way through my journey to become my authentic self. Helping me grow with my mentality as an athlete off the field while also helping with it on the field. That has taught me the importance of being in tune with myself, and my emotions. 10/10 recommend if you’re serious about improving yourself and life.

Team Coaching

Unlock the true power of true team work...

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Imagine this...

Having a team that harnesses the power to reshape themselves as individuals to be their best version of self as well as...

  • Creates a vision for themselves that is in aligned with your company's vision.

  • Holds a purpose for themselves that inspires them to show up each day to work.

  • Reshapes their behaviors & habits to give their best each day.

  • Strives to make an impact on themselves, your clients and your company each day.

That is exactly what I Braiden Belnap help you and your team accomplish as a transformational coach. And it is my PROMISE that I will help your team commit, stay accountable, build trust, resolve conflict, and most importantly follow through so that you can gain the result of building your dream company and team you know you are capable of building!

Team Coahing


Braiden is a great coach. I love his way of deep listening. His questions are so powerful and really open new perspectives. WIthin one session I found 3 insights I did not see before. I can recommend Braiden from the bottom of my heart. A big thank you

Daniela Rupf

“Braiden is a transformational coach. He has an uncanny ability to help you see the bigger picture, and uncover what it is that really matters to you. Braiden is a phenomenal listener and has a unique ability to bring clarity to the process of thinking outside the box, but still feel grounded in reality. He gifts me with action steps that I can use immediately to implement change."

Braiden, that coaching session with you was beyond what I expected. I expected what I’ve gotten from most coaches I’ve worked with but you took it to a deeper level. I had no idea how much my past was holding me back in accomplishing my goals. Thank you so much for your insight!

Skyler Bytendorp

Krystal Koennecke

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