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Be a go getter

Updated: Jan 30

Be a go getter

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 12/28/22

Summary: We have all heard the term of being a go-getter. What does it mean to truly be a “go getter” ? I believe that someone who is a go-getter can be broken into 3 things: determination, Problem solving, and hard work.

You have to have determination to achieve the goals you want in life. Without determination you won’t be able to accomplish your goals. Determination also gives the ability to push through things when they get hard and not give up. Evaluate your life and find where you could use determination. Determination is a mindset and you have to train your mind to be determined.

Next is problem solving. I talked about problem solving in my podcast episode with Jaidon Tuellar. If you want a more in depth explanation on how to be a problem solver go listen to that episode. Being a problem solver means that you can rely on yourself to solve problems in troubling situations.

Finally, being a hard worker will help you be a go-getter. Hard work is what will help you succeed in life so put your mind to your goals, work hard and you will achieve greatness!

I hope you have learned something in this blog. If you want help or have questions about how to implement the tools I wrote about today, reach out. I would love to give you more advice. My social media is linked below. You can shoot me a dm with your question and I am happy to answer it for you. I hope you were able to learn something from this blog that you can apply to your life.

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