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Soulful Entrepreneurship: Embarking on a Spiritual Journey to Ignite becoming a healer

Summary: Have you ever experienced  a shift in your life? Where everything did a 180 and your whole life shifted?  That is what happened to Jenny Darlin Who was on episode 90 on Journey to Authenticity.  Jenny shared her journey of finding her spiritual gifts, Helping those around her, and starting a business.  In this blog I dive into each of those topics to summarize what we talked about in the episode. (If you would like to listen to the whole episode link is at the bottom of this blog) 

First “How did Jenny start her journey in spirituality and becoming an energy worker and more?” Jenny’s Kids were the ones who influenced her to learn more about it.  Her son told her things he was experiencing and was very overwhelmed by his spiritual gifts, so she went on a journey to get help for him to hone those in.  A few things she did were : Take him to a medium, Reiki, Sage, tinctures, essential oils and clearing the space.  Learning those things for her son sparked a fire in her to learn more about how to become a healer so she started her journey.  

When Jenny started her spiritual journey, she took classes in reiki, learned about Tarot decks, and went to different healers herself.  Throughout this she learned a lot about herself, Her family and finally found her calling in life. Before she went through this shift in her life she was going through the mundane daily tasks content but not thriving. After the shift she found a new desire for life and it lit a fire inside her to do more in life.  

After she took the big leap that shifted her life and she found her calling she decided to shift even more.  Jenny decided it was time to make a major leap and start a business. She enjoyed helping family and friends, but she felt that she needed to expand her practice.  So she started helping others. She took more classes and then  created "The Heart Illuminating Reiki" (HIR Reiki) that focuses on love and the infinite possibilities it brings. On top of that she now offers other modalities such as Sound Healing, Chromotherapy, Human Design and Astrology Readings, Body and Emotion Code Sessions, Crystal and Seashell Therapy, Frequency Wellness, and Intuitive Readings. Jenny’s passion for what she does is truly inspirational. I know during this podcast I learned a few things from her and I want to share them with you. 

  1. She taught me that no matter where you are in life or what age you can pivot. 

  2. Lean into the question and trust the process 

  3. Live authentically and raise your vibration 

These are 3 things that I strive my best to live by but we are all human and can always learn and grow.  Let’s dive into each topic a little further. 

The first highlight is her sharing that it is okay to pivot. In my life when my wife and I got married we had this plan of how our life was going to turn out.  We got married in 2018 and had a plan to buy a house in 2020 then start acquiring real estate, hit all these money goals and start having kids by a certain age.  Some of those things we have hit, other things we have had to pivot.  I have had a lot of pivoting to do in my business as well.  The lessons I have learned with pivoting have impacted and changed my life in a way that no other road block could. I would like to share with you a few of the pivotal moments in my life in hopes that you can learn a things or two from them.  One of the biggest shifts I had to make was the change in my business. I had created this business plan on how I wanted to accomplish my goals. It was an amazing plan although there were some roadblocks that I was going to go through to have to push through and change my set up to be able to make a bigger impact on people.  My first plan I was spread too thin. I had a coaching group, podcast, 1 on 1 coaching, and events.  By doing all those I wasn’t able to put my energy into each efficiently.  My Wife and I had a conversation about shifting what I was doing. She noticed how hard I was working and knew that I had a lot on my plate with keeping up with a full time job and doing my coaching business. So we laid all the pros and cons with making a shift in the business and ultimately decided that my energy would be better off being used elsewhere. The new plan we created was to revamp my podcast, stop doing the group coaching, Continue to do 1 on 1, and focus on speaking hires and working with businesses to help their team. Since making this shift doors have opened for me and I have been having a lot more success within my business, personal life and my marriage.  If you are in a place and want to shift your mindset, but don’t know where to start, here are a few techniques that you can use.  The first is sitting down and either writing everything out or having a conversation with another person, then create a pros and cons list. At this point you can either read those lists and spend some time to think and ponder your next step or you can decide what you want to do. The pros and cons list always helps me make decisions effectively. I also am a person who believes in god so I will pray and ask for  guidance on the situation. 

Next let’s talk about leaning into the question and trusting the process. This for me is something I struggle more with because the uncomfortable is uncomfortable.  Taking a leap of faith in life can be very scary although it is necessary for growth in life.  What does it mean to lean into the question and trust the process? I want to highlight the insight that Jenny gave during this topic of the podcast. Jenny took a huge pivot in her life and a part of her journey of leaning into the question and trusting the process was educating herself. When her son started coming into his spiritual gifts instead of running away and putting a bandaid on the situation she ran head first into educating herself.  She wanted to know how to help her son grow and learn how to control the things that were happening to him.  I think this is a lesson we can all learn from.  The lesson is how important it is to run towards the storm instead of away and take each step during the hard knowing that that is where the lessons are learned.  I don’t want to dive too much into detail about the whole story Jenny said about her son because you can listen to it from her on the podcast ( episode linked below).  I learned how beneficial it is to lean into the question and trust the process and I hope that you can take some nuggets of knowledge from this and implement them into your life. 

Lastly I want to touch on the topic of raising your vibration and living authentically.  This has been something that I live by in my life.  I believe that you can outgrow people in your life and it is okay to let them go with grace and love.  It is also okay to let go of habits, a job, or a lifestyle that is holding you back from living your authentic life.  The first step to raising your vibration and living an authentic life if you are feeling stuck is to create a vision board and come up with some goals.  These can be as simple as going to bed earlier, Drinking more water, brushing your teeth in the morning. The little day to day habits are what will set you up for success and growth.  So I challenge you to create a vision board.  ( I have a vision board workbook linked below that you can use for inspiration and to walk you through the steps)  Implement those changes in your life and I can promise that you will see a difference. 

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