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Business and Personal Goals

Updated: Jan 30

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 3/15/23

Summary: We all have goals in life and I believe that a majority of people want more from their life than what they are living right now. So let’s talk about how you can set goals whether that is business or personal. There are 3 steps that I want to touch on. They are setting your vision, making a plan and taking action.

The first set of whatever goals you want to set is creating a vision. It is important to create a vision and get ideas of what it is that you want to accomplish. I like to sit down, put on some calm music and write down the goals that I want to set. It is important to create a vision board during your planning step but for now this is only focussing on getting your vision on paper. Once you have it on paper, circle 5 that are the most important to you.

In this step you will be creating a plan. Take the 5 things that you picked and create a plan with them. Ask yourself different questions on how you can execute them. The more detail you can go into the better. Part of your plan I highly recommend creating a vision board. A vision board is what will help you stay accountable for the plan that you have just created.

The next step is to take action. If you don’t take action you won’t achieve anything with your goals. Now if it is intimidating taking one small step a day is better than not taking any. The little things add up so don’t forget that.

I hope you have learned something in this blog. If you want help or have questions about how to implement the tools I wrote about today, reach out. I would love to give you more advice. My social media is linked below. You can shoot me a dm with your question and I am happy to answer it for you. I hope you were able to learn something from this blog that you can apply to your life.

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