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Become your true authentic self. With Braiden right by your side.

Transform through 1 on 1 Life Coaching.

Braiden's Promise:

We'll help you stay on track, stay committed and follow through so that you can create the life you know you are capable of living in your self, relationships, business and more!

The truth is whether you believe it or not at this are here for a REASON and that starts by being you!

How do I know?


Because at a young age, I questioned life, I was depressed, anxious, doing drugs and questioning the reason I was here. I was trying to fit in with my family, friends, strangers, everywhere I went I was someone different but with the same name of Braiden Belnap. And one day that transformed, I picked up books to learn how to be my best version of self...the authentic version and I transformed my life. I am now happy with the journey that we call life! Trust me I know you have reason to be here as well and that starts by becoming your true authentic self and I am here to help you get there!

How It Works


Book A
Strategy Session

To schedule your strategy session first you will submit some basic information from there Braiden your Transformational Coach will connect with you where we will schedule your 30-75 minute Strategy Session. 


Attend Your Session

We’ll create a detailed vision for who you want to be and what you want to accomplish so that we can uncover the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Then we’ll help you come up with a plan to get there… FAST. From there we will help overcome your #1 obstacle getting in your way!


Start Coaching

After assessing where you are, where you want to be & recognizing what the obstacles that must be overcome to get there, we will create a customized plan to begin your transformational journey. Then  we will get STARTED!

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Imagine in your life having these results...

Overcome Anything

The moment you aware of something small or big, you hold the power to overcome it.

Become Truly Authentic.

If you know WHO you TRULY are. Anything is possible.

True Health In Spirit, Mind & Body.

Commit & see lasting results with health in spirit, mind & body leading to true confidence.

See Where You Are Going & KNOW You Will Get There.

See it, believe it, take action and make it happen.

Live With Purpose.

Truly enjoy and LOVE your day to day life.

Take Action So That You Love Each Area Of Life.

Imagine loving yourself fully, loving your spouse with true passion, enjoying all your relationships, making an impact, making the money you want, building the businesses you know your capable of,  living life and having the material items you want, and having skills and knowledge to accomplish all that's above?

Impact driving transformation for you & others.

Learn tools to persuade, inspire, connect, share your story & ultimately make a big impact.

Start your coaching journey with Braiden Belnap TODAY!

Why Work With Braiden?

Here's what sets him apart:

Braiden Belnap created a coaching system that's designed to get you results

Completed 100's of hours of training

Coached 70+ Individuals & Has Consistent 5 Star Reviews

Is available on & off coaching calls consistently

Competitive Pricing

Parker Kane

Braiden Belnap isn’t just a coach; he's a catalyst for transformative change and a true mentor. What sets him apart in a sea of coaches is that he’s not in it for the fame or the money—he genuinely cares. His role in helping me embrace authenticity, build confidence, and find more meaning in the everyday grind is seriously next level. If you can't do sessions right now, dive into his podcast, Journey to Authenticity. I'm all in on endorsing Braiden Belnap as a top-notch coach, mentor, podcaster, and professional speaker for your events—his message of authenticity leaves a lasting impression.

Sofia Lola

To anyone that wants to see their life change, Braiden Belnap has honestly given me the mindset shifts that I needed in order to see my life in a different light. He would always be asking the right questions that got down to deep core wounds that I needed to face and I ended up having epiphanies after every single coaching session with him. He has helped me create not just the confidence that I need to be a coach myself, but also he was there for me and supported me when I was not in the best spots in my life. I knew that I could go to Braiden with anything and he would be there to help me switch the perspective that I had on a situation and change a problem into an opportunity for me to grow as an individual. I have learned how to see and BELIEVE the potential that I have in myself by the way that Braiden coached me. I’ve had all different coaches before him, however, I never had a coach help me change my life in such a short period of time before and I could not be more grateful to not only have him as coach but also as a friend. The impact Braiden has made in my life is UNREAL and I honestly know that anyone that ends up working with him will have their life transformed in the greatest way possible. 

Yekeson Subah

Braiden Belnap has been such an amazing life coach, he’s helped me grow in ways that I never saw happening anytime soon. He’s been there to support me every step of the way through my journey to become my authentic self. Helping me grow with my mentality as an athlete off the field while also helping with it on the field. That has taught me the importance of being in tune with myself, and my emotions. 10/10 recommend if you’re serious about improving yourself and life.

Start your coaching journey with Braiden Belnap TODAY!

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