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Transforming Your World

Updated: Jan 30

Transforming Your World

Are you being created or are you creating the world?

Written By: Braiden Belnap

Date: 5/5/22

Summary: In today’s blog I touch on the importance of transforming your worlds and how to do that. I used to live a completely different life than the one I live now. It took me making the decision to change my behaviors, thoughts, and actions to create change. If you want to transform your world this is the blog for you!

Do you ever feel like you’re living day to day not living up to your full potential? Do you feel like you want more out of life but don’t know how to get where you want to be? Today I am going to share the steps on how to start the process of transformation.

The first step of transformation is to evaluate! Evaluating your life is the process of becoming aware so you know what you want and need to transform. Ask yourself questions like: What habits do I want to change? What are the things holding me back from achieving my goals? Are there people in my life that are creating negative influences on me? There are so many questions you can ask yourself but those are just a few that you can start with to get your mind flowing. Another thing to do is to STOP LOOKING AT THINGS AS PROBLEMS! When you look at things as problems instead of trying to look for the solutions it can put you at a halt to transforming your world. For example we will use our friend Mindy. Mindy wants to take better care of herself. In order to do that she needs to eat better, get better sleep, stay hydrated, and workout. She starts to come up with a plan to research gyms to go to to work out but then realizes that it’s kinda pricey to get a gym membership…. So in that moment she feels defeated and doesn't think she is going to be able to achieve that one goal without the membership. She is looking at the PROBLEM. Not the SOLUTION. After feeling her emotions she decides to go back to the drawing board she brainstorms what she could do workout wise instead of a gym. She is looking for the solution. She decides that she still wants to workout,but she’s decided that she is just going to look up youtube videos for different workouts then when she is ready financially she will get a gym membership. She easily could have seen the roadblock of finances and decided to let those stop her from her goal of working out. She decided instead to compromise with herself and found a way to achieve her goal even if it wasn’t the most ideal. I want you to pick one area in your life that you want to transform today. It can be big or small, the sky's the limit. Most people are asked on their deathbed what their greatest regret in life was. Want to know the answer? They wished they would have lived more. No one really regrets the things they did in life because in the end it made them the person they are. People regret not living life. Not taking the leap and transforming their world. Are you going to wait until you're out of time to start living or are you going to make the decision right here… right now to transform your world.

The next step in transforming your world is to understand. You have to understand the reasons that you want to transform. It’s human nature for us to lie to ourselves. What I mean by that is we continuously tell ourselves “oh this is just the way I am take it or leave it” That is sooooo not true. If there is something that you want to change or you feel stuck in a habit that isn’t serving you I PROMISE you can change that. You have the power to change. The negative or limiting beliefs in your mind were created because at one point they were serving you. However now they aren’t so let’s let those go! How do you do that?? I call this technique “pick the weed plant the flower” One way I like to change limiting beliefs is to write down the ones that aren’t serving me anymore. After writing them down I want you to analyze why that limiting belief is no longer true and why it isn’t serving you. After doing those 2 steps I want you to write down a new belief that is true to you today and serves you. Read those new beliefs daily and you will begin to believe them and live by them. If you’re feeling scared about the change, something you can do to motivate yourself more towards transformation is to visualize the pain vs. the pleasure. Ask yourself what does my life look like if I don’t change? then ask yourself what does it look like if I do change? Hopefully the pain of not changing outways the pleasure of staying the same so you decide to transform. You have the power I believe in you!

I hope you liked today’s blog and learned something from it. I post a new blog every week. I also post positive/ encouraging messages daily on my social media. I would love to connect. I linked everything below. Shoot me a dm and tell me what you learned from reading this!

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